Northwest Transit Exchange

A regional conference promoting dialogue among transit agency staff. We discuss relevant challenges and important issues for urban hubs and smaller communities across the Northwest.

What is the Northwest Transit Exchange?

A 2-day regional conference started by, and attended by, local transit agency staff. Make connections and explore new ideas in a welcoming environment! We discuss relevant challenges and innovations for public transit in urban hubs and smaller communities across the Northwest.

What makes this event unique?
  • IT’S FREE!
  • Small size: Kept at 75-100 participants to encourage networking opportunities.
  • Regional focus: Discuss relevant challenges and learn from local case studies.
  • Diverse group: Learn from both large and small transit agencies.
  • Emphasis on discussion: Don’t just sit and watch presentations, actively engage!
  • Opportunities to present: Share your work, lessons learned, and ongoing challenges.
  • Exchange ideas: Compare notes and brainstorm with agency staff from across the PNW.
  • Classroom & field learning: 1.5 days of professional presentations and a half-day of field learning on technical tours showcasing current projects in the host city.
Is it really free?

Yes! There is no conference fee associated with the NWTX, and participants are provided with a local transit pass for use during the conference. Expect to cover costs for travel, lodging, and meals.

Where can I learn more?

Check out the new website for more information on future and past conferences, and to sign up for updates and registration details.